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Animal osteopathy

Therapeutic services

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We see animals that have a variety of different issues and medical conditions. We also see animals as a preventive approach for a general check and provide proactive measures to reduce the risk of injuries. There is no issue too big or small that we can’t help with. Ensuring that your companion is in the best possible condition contributes significantly to their health, comfort, and overall quality of life.

Image by Helena Lopes


Is your horse not moving freely, has a reduced level of performance, or a problem with their gait? Does your horse buck, rear or refuse to take even low jumps? Can you observe a change in their behaviour, an objection to being saddled or girthed, an unabilty to relax or a hyper-sensitivity to brushing?

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Is your dog recovering from an injury? Have you notice any sign of pain or a change in their behaviour (whimpering, growling, or aggression when touched or moved)? Has your dog difficulty getting up, jumping, or climbing stairs? Has your pet a decline in performance or reluctance to participate in activities they once enjoyed? 

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Have you noticed any sign of pain, discomfort or a change in your cat's behaviour? A problem in their gait (lameness, pain, paralysis)? A digestive, urinary or respiratory disorder (diarrhea, vomiting, cystitis, cough)?

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Image by Luke Stackpoole

Farm animals

To care for their cattle and improve the quality of the milk, more and more breeders are calling on animal osteopaths. One of the advantages is to avoid painkillers and antibiotics, and thereby preserve the quality of the milk produced and enhance productivity and overall farm profitability. 

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Image by Gary Bendig

Exotic Pets

Have you ever considered an osteopathic consultation for your rabbit, bird or snake? Whether your pet is experiencing acute issues, chronic conditions, or simply in need of preventive care, osteopathy can be a valuable tool in promoting their overall health and vitality.

Baby Elephant


The life constraints of wildlife animals in relation to their physiological needs are real. The principles of osteopathy apply to all forms of fauna. With regard to zoo and wildlife patients the need to working with allied professionals is paramount to the successful outcome of any treatment program.

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