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About Julie

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Meet Julie

In my early years, nestled within the picturesque South of France, I found my first companions among the animals that shared my home - a pony, a donkey, dogs and cats. Each companion, with their unique quirks and unconditional love, whispered to me the importance of care, empathy, and the profound bond that can exist between humans and animals. These whispers grew into a resounding call to action, propelling me toward a path where I could dedicate my life to make a better world for animals.

It was in these formative years, amidst the tender interactions and the silent understandings, that my passion for medicine began to burgeon and led me down the path of animal osteopathy. After five years of studying in Tarascon-sur-Rhône, I found success working with Grand Prix horses across Germany, Luxembourg and my native France. The progress of each horse, from the initial assessment through to their triumphant return to peak performance, was a journey of shared victories and the reaffirmation of my purpose. 


Australia, with its unique wildlife, offered an unparalleled chance to deepen my practice and expand my horizons in animal osteopathy.


Volunteering in Queensland brought me face-to-face with the challenges and rewards of working with animals, so vastly different from those I had known in Europe. Working closely with native species, including a memorable encounter with Roxane, a freshwater crocodile in need of care, I was able to apply my osteopathic skills in ways I never imagined.


The adventures didn't stop at the Australian border; they took me to Thailand, where I had the privilege of developing a healing touch with elephants. This experience with these gentle giants fundamentally shaped my perspective on healing and the subtle art of listening to what the body needs. 


Melbourne, became the setting for the next chapter of my journey. The collaboration with holistic vet clinics, alongside partnerships with a hydrotherapy clinic and an osteopathic clinic, allowed me to integrate my approach into a broader spectrum of animal healthcare. By working collaboratively with experts from each field, I am able to tailor my approach to the specific needs of each animal, maximising their chances of recovery and overall well-being.

Let's embark on a journey of wellness for your companion. Together, we'll navigate this path of proactive care, ensuring that your beloved companion thrives and lives their best life.

Curriculum vitae

Dry needling course for animals


Dry needling course for animals by the The Australian College of Eastern Medicine.

Elephant Osteopathic Workshop


Elephant Osteopathic Workshop with Tony Nevin and the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) in Thailand.

“Le Corps Tenségritif" (Tensegrity body)


Workshop in France with Patrick Chêne and Amélie Gardelle about:

-the tensegrity in cells, strongly emphasized by Jean François Megret;

-the medullary traction force notion, put forward by Antonio Ruiz de Azua Mercadal;

-the Physiological Torsion from Yves Guillard (Helix in the fascia tissue and its relationship with the physiological torsion);

-the Primary Respiratory mechanism (the physiological torsion from Yves Guillard represents the third time of PRM).

National Register of Aptitude


Registered in the National Register of Aptitude (RNA) under the number OA1081, validated by the National Council of the Order of Veterinarians (CNOV) in France.

Diploma in animal osteopathy


Master in Animal Osteopathy from the "Institut de Formation d'Ostéopathes Animaliers" (IFOA) in Tarascon, South of France.

Scientific Baccalaureate


Scientific Baccalaureate, specialty earth life science.

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